Volumizing & Thickening Hair Mist - Joyce Miracle Elixir Collection

Volumizing & Thickening Hair Mist

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Bring out your hair's FULL potential! Joyce's Volumizing & Thickening Mist adds incredible volume to your hair. This blend provides fabulous body and shine for thicker, younger-feeling hair.

Infused with Joyce's Miracle Blend, this volumizing mist strengthens and enriches your hair while transforming flat, lifeless strands into luxurious, voluminous hair. You will experience your hair's full potential. Say bye-bye to flat hair and hello to that gorgeous, big, voluminous hair.

No Harsh Chemicals:

  • Free of sodium chloride
  • Free of sulfate
  • Free of phosphate
  • Free of gluten
  • Free of paraben
  • Color safe
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made with love 
  • Spray Joyce's Voluminizing Spray at the root of wet hair for that big extra root lift, and a bit throughout hair for thicker texture.
  • When applying on dry hair, spray Joyce's Voluminizing Spray 8-12 inches away from hair.
  • If you apply it when your hair is wet, right after using Joyce's Shampoo/Conditioner (before blow drying), it will add volume and body to your hair.
  • It will provide a great hold for your entire day.
  • For extra volume, activate with heat.

Message from Joyce:
I personally love to use it when I wash my hair so I know I'll have that big bounce I love so much. Then after I style it, I usually apply more the day after I've washed it.

Hope you love it! And please send me pics of you rocking your gorgeous big hair!


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