Pure4 Body Oil 4oz


Pure4 Body Oil 4oz

Pure4 Body Oil 4 oz with pearlescent effect

Great for most all skin types, this shimmer body oil will leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth and soft as silk with a touch of shimmer. Containing Joyce's Pure4 complex - buriti, maracuja, argan and moringa oils, plus coconut oil, it's nothing but the best when it comes to exotic oils on your skin. You can apply to dry or damp skin - or even add it to your bath for added hydrating benefits!


  • Helps skin retain moisture
  • Helps soften your skin
  • Can reduce the appearance of skin imperfections
  • All benefits of Joyce's Pure4 oils
  • Add drops to your bath to hydrate skin
  • Subtle shimmer 
  • Tropical scent
  • Liquid oil consistency
  • Glass bottle with dropper
  • Manufactured in the USA

Free of harsh chemicals:

  • Free of sodium chloride
  • Free of sulfate
  • Free of phosphate
  • Free of gluten
  • Free of paraben
  • Free of silicone
  • Free of phthalates 
  • Color safe
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan