Our Story-Redesign

Have the best all in one

Why compromise? Why only have one of these Miracle Oils when you can have them all in one?

I’ve been in love with Buriti and Maracuyá (passion fruit) oils ever since I can remember. My grandma was obsessed with these oils and passed down her passion to me.

I discovered Argan oil during my modeling days, and I discovered Moringa as an adult on a trip to Asia. I’ve used so many products, I’ve tried everything!  And I couldn’t find a product that had my favorite oils all in one.

I said to myself, 'Why compromise?  Why not have the best all in one?’


100% Organic Miracle Oils

The key ingredients to my entire line are:

  • 100% Buriti Oil
  • 100% Maracuyá Oil
  • 100% Argan Oil
  • 100% Moringa Oil

No harsh chemicals

I made sure that all my products are free of all the harsh chemicals I personally don't like. 

  • Free of sodium chloride
  • Free of phosphate
  • Free of paraben
  • Free of sulfate
  • Free of gluten

I also have stubborn grays that I have to treat with color, so all my products needed to be 100% safe for color-treated hair. And of course, anyone that knows me knows how much I love animals, so it was very important to me that all of our products are cruelty-free. Also, my Miracle Elixir Collection is proudly made in the U.S.A. and above all, made with love. 

Message from Joyce

Hi loves,

I’m so thankful to all of you. Just by reading this, it already means the world to me. When I grew up in the mountains of my lindo Puerto Rico, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to travel the world, to explore, to meet so many amazing people, to find my soulmate and have two beautiful kids. But the one thing I did know was the two things my mom and grandma always told me…

The sky is the limit, and you must always dream big.

Remember that beauty is only skin deep; it’s what’s in your heart that matters.

Since I was little my grandma and my mommy always used these “potions.” They mixed lots of different ingredients and I was their guinea pig, LOL. They encouraged me to take care of my hair and skin. My grandma had a “magical potion” of her favorite ingredients, of which the star ingredient was Buriti Oil.  She would tell me stories about how good it was for me. I loved Parcha (Maracuya), better known as Passion Fruit, so she added it to the mix as well.  It was my favorite fruit in the world, and still is! And I love the smell!

Thanks to my grandma’s encouragement, I’ve always loved to experiment and explore for the best products. When I started modeling and traveling the world, working with phenomenal professionals (makeup and hair artists), I was always inquisitive. I always wanted to learn about what they as professionals considered “the best” and trust me, I’ve tried hundreds and hundreds of products! I come from the consumer side and as a consumer, I want to give you the very best.

So now that you know my life-long secret recipe (Buriti and Maracuya Oil), let me tell you about my other secrets. When I was modeling, I fell in love with Argan. I loved it on my skin and in my hair as it reduced the amount of split ends. To me it really was “liquid gold,” as they call it.  Most recently on a trip to Asia, I fell in love with Moringa. It’s been used for centuries and I personally like to call it Asia’s Best Kept Secret. When people ask me for my “secret” it’s always hard to say because I love all four oils, so I’m always blending and mixing. As everyone asked me for my “secret,” I decided to speak to my lab and ask them to combine nature’s best with science and I’m very pleased to say the results are beyond my expectations.  I’m madly in love with my products and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why the Blend of Oils?

Because I don’t want you to have a million products, but I want you to have the best.

It took a while because I wanted to give you all the best of the best without having to compromise. I wanted it to be salon quality right at home, yet affordable. I wanted you to satisfy, to quench your hair & skin’s thirst but I didn’t want anything greasy that weighed your hair down or clogged your pores.  And so…my “Joyce Miracle Elixir Collection” was born. I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it for you.